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Community Support Project for Devon

Updated: Apr 27

We are excited and delighted to announce the launch of a new community support project for Devon! Over the next few months, we are hosting a series of FREE weekly online support groups with fully qualified teacher Marie Dallas.

There will be three groups - one which will support parents and carers with any issues or concerns you feel your child may be having in school, and two to support primary and secondary school-aged children to catch up on valuable learning they may have missed over the last couple years.

The pandemic has been hard on many within our communities, especially if you have English as an additional language and have had little chance to practice your language skills.

To give you an idea, topics we might cover for the parent support group could include:

  • Helping your child to learn at home;

  • All you need to know about parents' evening;

  • What to do if you have a complaint;

  • Volunteering in a school;

  • The top five wa

ys you can help your child to have a good day at school.

For the young person’s sessions, we will be developing the educational basics that might have been missed during the lockdowns. This is an opportunity for all those taking part to share their experiences from the last two years and support each other.

If you are; or know of, a parent, young person, or family member that might be interested in taking part Plymouth Devon Racial Equality Council would be delighted to hear from you.

Email for more information.

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